Kevin Smith

As I mentioned, I dropped a number of titles from my pull. The first of these was Batman: The Widening Gyre and honestly, had I been paying attention I wouldn’t have started getting it in the first place. Why? It is written by Kevin Smith and the man is a hack. The series is complete crap. I’m going to make it a point to pay attention to writers more often and if Kevin Smith is listed as the writer, I’m going to leave it on the shelf.

For this series Smith apparently looked at the Batman story and thought to himself “Batman is too happy. He needs some tragedy in his life.” Smith then proceeds to write a very un-Batman Batman and a very un-Bruce Wayne Bruce Wayne. The whole story, all the characters and the various events in the series just don’t track right. As I read, I found myself thinking “Batman never would act or talk like this.” Smith is completely tone deaf.

Not only does Smith handle all the established characters badly, he goes out of his way to try to ruin other events in the Batman story. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a scene where Batman’s parents don’t die, they just run off together.

The art in the series is fine, but he has nothing to work with. I’m hoping that the delays with this series cause DC to rethink letting Smith write for them. The artist (Walt Flanagan) is talented enough that I’m sure he’ll get other series assigned to him. He has a clean, bright, style of art that evokes the art from the 1970s for me. Unfortunatly, that same bright style makes him less appropriate for a Batman series. Yes, Smith is trying very elaborately to make everything happy and lovely for Batman so he can take it all away (standard hack writing), but the art still just isn’t right. When the inane twist comes, the art is so bright and happy that no reaction but “oh brother” is even possible.

In short, stay away from books written by Kevin Smith.

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5 Responses to Kevin Smith

  1. WizarDru says:

    Why would they? I mean, Smith has been late over and over again on his projects for both DC and Marvel: ‘Spiderman and Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do’ is tied with ‘Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine’ as one of the most delayed comics in history. He was consistently late on his Daredevil and Green Arrow runs. He was late on his ‘Batman: Cacophany’ series.

    I like Smith as a writer and speaker. I like him as a director. I even find some of his comics work to be OK. But he has the same problem that guys like Jeph Loeb, Joss Wheedon and a dozen other ‘name’ writers who come to comics as fans who want to indulge in writing comics: he doesn’t have time and when he does, comics are low on their lists. Wheedon and Smith’s movies and TV work always override their writing for comics. Smith does weekly podcasts, talks and other stuff….and his writing always gets sidelined….he lacks the discipline needed. Say what you will about Geoff Johns, Ed Brubaker, Jeph Loeb and a host of other writers in comics…but the fact is that many of them deliver multiple monthly titles for years on end without fail.

    And really, then there’s this:

    • WizarDru says:

      Link below. Also, I should point out that the problem here is that Smith has begun to believe his own press a little too much, or perhaps he just doesn’t care that he’s not very good at writing Batman. He wants to inject his style of humor into the process, but at the same time throw some visceral ‘real world’ stuff in there and it fails. See (Batman Pees, Black Cat Raped, Green Arrow AIDS, Daredevil….EVERYTHING).

      But I guess someone is buying those comics or they wouldn’t keep letting him. If only someone had stopped Brad Meltzer.

    • Stefan says:

      Thanks for that link, sums it up pretty well. And I know they won’t stop giving that hack work. It is more of a wish than anything else.