What are they thinking at Image?

Has Image become a vanity press of comics? I’d hate to think their editors thought this was a good idea. That’s right, Image has published The Big Lie, a “truther” comic. Everything about it is offensive from the cover to the content. I leafed through it at the store in the hopes that it wasn’t what it looked like, but the last panel shows explosives inside the building. As I leafed through the comic, it looked like the low quality one expects from crackpots. Most of it seemed to be people sitting at a table while another person gave a presentation. No-one wants to sit through that in real life, why would anyone read a comic about it? And pages of densely packed, moronic conspiracy theory? Why in the world is this a comic?

It greatly reduces my opinion of Image to the point where I’m wondering if I’ll bother buying any of their titles.

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