Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow is another of the comics where my first thought was “wow, this is a reboot!” They’ve sent GA back to his very beginnings, a wealthy gadget maker who decides to fight crime. I’m expecting future issues to show the ArrowCar, ArrowPlane and ArrowCave. The goatee is gone and with it, likely his 1970s era earnest liberalism. I’ll miss the latter far more than the former.

The first issue depicts him much as he was before he lost his fortune: Batman with arrows. He’s fortunate in this first issue that the three super-powered villains he’s fighting seem content to see what each gadget he throws or shoots at them will do before they react. They also seem content to each take him on one at a time, letting each get defeated before taking their own shot. It doesn’t seem like they’re doing that on purpose, it is just weird pacing of the fight and a weird depiction of what should be far more fluid.

The three villains he beats and puts in prison are broken out at the end of the issue by the rest of their super-powered gang. From the final page depiction of the group, it looks like Green Arrow will be fighting a European Alpha Flight. There’s several panels as he’s about to fight the bad guys with exposition about how he has to worry about the cops, so this is likely still in the early part of the reboot timeline where heroes aren’t welcome, powered or not. If they have kept some of Ollie’s attitude from before the reboot, it is possible that this happens later when the rest of the world likes heroes, but he’s just so abrasive that the cops want to arrest him.

One of the new additions to Green Arrow’s world is a high tech support team. They’re the inner most circle of his company. He has Queen Industries, though he seems to have passed the CEO position on to someone else for this umbrella group, much as Batman has Lucius Fox. Within Queen Industries, he has a research group called Q-Core and his personal crime-fighting support team is a smaller, secret part of that. All we’ve seen of it so far, and this might be all of it, are two people a man (Jax) that creates his gimmick arrows or helps create them and a woman (Naomi) who appears to be his own, personal Oracle. Sadly, her main role for me is going to be a persistent reminder that makes me miss Oracle.

The biggest problem I have with Green Arrow in this reboot is that he’s far too much like a blond Iron Man. Attitude, appearance, background, all he needs is a drinking problem. Of course, since this is early in his story, that might be on its way. He even has a personal assistant that he has no problem sending to be his fully authorized proxy standing in for him in board meetings and she’s even a redhead. He has his own Pepper Potts. Fortunately, she has the much less ridiculous name of Adrien.

The series could be a good one, but I’m hoping it progresses quickly and he loses some of the similarities to other heroes. I’d be interested to see what the modern equivalent is of the Green Arrow that took Green Lantern on his voyage to understand America back in the 1970s.

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