NYC Comic Con

This past weekend, Emily and I attended NYC Comic Con. Emily got to attend in her official capacity as a librarian. She was there to evaluate materials for the YA area of her library. She evaluated for the other sections too, but her section is YA so she was mostly focused on that. I hadn’t intended to go, but she asked me if I wanted to go and who am I to turn down a trip to a comic comvention, especially the biggest con on the east coast.

We stayed at a friend’s place while they were in MA attending another con. This worked out nicely as we were able to take care of their cats for them and instead of driving in from a hotel in NJ every day, we just took the subway. It also meant we didn’t have to worry about leaving things in a hotel room while we were away for the day or paying for the tunnel and parking every day.

The highlight of my convention experience was getting to see my friends Yuko, Ananth, Conrad, Rochelle and George. Yuko and Ananth do the excellent webcomic Johnny Wander. They did a signing of their new collection and Yuko did a signing of a math book she collaborated on. They were pretty busy, but Emily and I got to hang out with them on Friday and have dinner. We also got to meet their new roommate Evan who does Vattu and Rice Boy and others. There were a bunch of other artists/writers that they introduced us to as well including Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim.

Comicon Badge

Both sides of my badge

The con was actually 2 cons. Comic Com and the New York Anime Festival. I didn’t get to the anime section of the con, but there were many great costumes from both sections all over the place.

The Javits Center where the con was held desperately needs more restaurants and hotels near the convention center. As it is you have to walk several blocks or pay the insane price for food in the convention center. The prices are ridiculous even for NYC. $4 for a 20 oz bottle of diet coke.

I’ll write a longer update, or maybe several, later. It was great fun, but exhausting.

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