Static Shock #1

I’m not sure why, but Static Shock seems much more cartoony than the other reboot titles I’ve read so far. It could be the art or it might be the fact that I first encountered Static through cartoons. Static originally debuted in 1993 and I wasn’t buying comics then. By the time I started buying comics again, Static and the rest of the Milestone imprint had pretty much run its course.

Of all the reboots I’ve read so far, this one is the most like a title in the middle of its run, it feels established. Most everything else I’ve read so far feels like the very beginning of a story. Some, like Static Shock, are well into a hero’s career, but those too feel like the beginning of stories. They’re all very concerned with setup and backstory and establishing scenes. Static Shock feels like the beginning of a story too, but also feels like a new storyline in the middle of a good run.

Leafing through it again, it has the same setup shots and expository dialogue as the other titles, but it feels more natural, more like actual dialogue than heavy-handed “We Must Let The Readers Know” sort of things. It could be great writing or a combination of the particular story with this art, either way it bodes well. Since this is a “cartoon title” to me, like Batman Beyond was, I wasn’t sure I was going to bother with more than one or two issues, but after this first issue, I think I’ll give it a chance.

The villains haveĀ  a mid-90s cheese feel about them, but they could still turn out interesting. I like that there’s several groups already in place and working together, this gives Static things to figure out and he’ll have to defeat more than just one bad guy. They also have a sort of anti-Power Rangers thing going on with one of the groups that could be different enough to become the main Static foe. I like the high-tech aspect of the entire series. Static and the anti-Rangers both have tech beyond the general populace, but in several scenes the general populace seems completely non-plussed by the use of this tech around them.

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