Legion Lost #1

Legion Lost is one of the titles I was most looking forward to in the reboot. I’m a huge Legion fan and am very excited that they’ll have two books in this new universe. This book is set in the present day, at some point in the timeline of the rest of the reboots not specifically set in the distant past of future. 7 Legionnaires have come to this era chasing a fugitive and are unable to return to their own time.

They reference “penetrating the Flashpoint Breakwall” early in the issue, but I’m not entirely sure what they mean by it. Are they in the old continuum? Will this series explain somehow why the Golden Age no longer exists when the Flashpoint is so recent? Time travel still exists, which is good, but there is a lot left unexplained by Flashpoint and the Legion would be a good vehicle for helping explain what’s going on.

The team is a strong one and draws from multiple Legion eras: Timber Wolf, Gates, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tellus, Tyroc and a new Durlan – Yera. The team is stricken with problems immediately upon arrival, Dawnstar is ill from the pollutants of the current era, Yera is ill and has difficulty controlling her powers, Gates is having some kind of trouble controlling his powers as well and the Legion rings no longer work.

They complete their primary mission easily, essentially Timber Wolf runs off on his own and captures the fugitive, Alastor.¬†Alastor had collapsed before Timber Wolf finds him and has released a pathogen into our time, perhaps intentionally, perhaps not. As the Legionnaires try to return to their own time Alastor regains consciousness and attempts to escape. In doing so, he destroys the time bubble and kills Gates and Yera. I don’t believe they’d kill two characters so quickly and expect to find something else has happened to them because of a combination of Gate’s teleportation and trying to move through time.

At the end of the issue, the five “surviving” Legionnaires are stranded in our time and have to deal with the outbreak of the pathogen as well. Alastor has also vanished with Gates and Vera, so at least they won’t have to deal with him. This has the potential for being another good entry in the Legion universe and I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.

Only one of the characters has a major redesign, but it is big enough that I didn’t recognize him until he started to use his powers. I thought he was the second Invisible Kid at first. I like the redesign, one of the few I’ve liked in the reboot.

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