Green Lantern #1

 This series had the most to lose in the reboot. DC had just spend over a year on Darkest Night and Brightest Day, reshaping the entire Lantern universe, adding new lanterns to the existing Green, Yellow and Violet (Sapphire), changing the viewpoints of the Guardians and exploring the motivations and histories of long-time characters like Sinestro. It seems like they decided to simply ignore the reboot. This series just picks up exactly where the previous storylines had left off, apparently unaffected by Flashpoint.

While Hal has been stripped of his ring, it is clear from the focus of the narrative that that won’t last long. Sinestro as a Green Lantern might. I’m hoping they use this time with Sinestro as a Green to do some character development, if he explores his belief that order outweighs everything else it could be a very interesting series. It could be much more than just more superhero antics and would be a nice way to do something different with the superhero genre.

Carol mentions that she hasn’t used the ring since they returned to Earth and that could be another good exploration. Even if you have such powers, is there real value in using them? Can living a life without powers be as satisfying as one with? Is it something in the individual that makes using powers irresistible? This series has enough characters and enough of a complex back story that there could be some incredible character development and some wonderful explorations of big questions without it feeling forced.

I have no problems with the way the reboot has been handled here, except that it feels like it has just been ignored. It’ll be interesting to see how it is all integrated with the rest of the reboot universe, especially as Justice League #1 has Hal as a new hero, naive and brash while this series has the entire pre-reboot back story. Has this series just been pushed decades into the future? As the entire story in this issue relies on the events of Blackest Night and Brightest Day, I don’t see how it can fit in the same universe as Justice League #1. Maybe it doesn’t! Maybe this has been shunted to one of the other 52 universes. I’d be delighted with that solution.

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