Red Lanterns #1

I was dubious about an entire title devoted to the Red Lanterns. They’re all about rage, anger and hate and that could become disgusting quickly. So far, however, so good. The initial issue focuses more on how hard it is to control rage, appropriate uses of rage and what generates rage and hate. Like Green Lantern, this is a series that would work best if it concentrates on character development.

The issue begins with my (I like to think everyone’s) favorite Red Lantern: the cat. I hadn’t known his name is Dex-Starr, but I like it. It is a classic Lantern name. The cat’s origin is one of┬áthe saddest I’ve ever seen and it creates great sympathy for the character. I’m hoping they continue to focus on and develop the character of the cat, there’s a lot they could do with a non-traditional character like this one.

I could have done without the Butt&Boobs pose from Bleez, but it is fairly ignorable. Most of the first issue is set-up and flashback, but it works well. We get some better detail of Atrocitus’s origin and how the Manhunters destroyed an entire space sector, but they did throw in a little manipulative scene of his family being killed in front of him. His entire world being destroyed should have been enough to explain his motivation, but writers seem almost compelled to go for the cheap tug at the reader’s emotions.

I have the same problem with this issue that I have with Green Lantern. They seem to be completely ignoring the reboot and I have no idea when this is all supposed to take place or how it can possibly fit with the rest of the universe. They show Kronus is still dead and violate his corpse, they talk about the long history that led up to Darkest Night, they’re clearly in a Pre-Flashpoint universe. I’m hoping it becomes clearer within the first 6 months or it’ll be hard to believe it is all part of the same universe. Without it being resolved or explicitly placed in another universe, it’ll be harder to care what happens in these series.

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