Mister Terrific #1

I’m excited that Mister Terrific has got his own series, I think he’s one of the best legacy characters in the DC universe. They frequently use him to introduce some actual science and emphasize the scientific method. They also frequently get some of the details wrong, but I can forgive that, it is usually no worse than is a lot of SF. I love that they show that he is who he is because of his brain, education and willpower. This too, they overdo from time to time, but it is better than the alternative.

They use the issue to establish a solid background and origin for him, but I’m getting a little sick of the use of the character being who he is because the woman in his life died or was killed. There are other motivations in life. I understand that these are established parts of many character’s pasts, but this is a reboot! You can make changes! That’s the whole point of a reboot!

I’m glad they brought Power Girl in with the very first issue. Power Girl was one of the best series pre-reboot and it is a shame they haven’t given her one in the post-Flashpoint universe. There were two creative teams on her book and they both did great jobs, I’m hoping she’ll be a long-term presence in this book, especially as they are teammates in the Justice Society and complement each other well. Of course, I don’t know if the Justice Society exists any more or why it would if there were no golden age, but they’re equals in many ways and have a good friendship. I’d love to see a relationship develop between the two of them.

There’s a little argument between Kara (Power Girl)¬†and Aleeka that feels a little forced, in their words a competition for Michael’s (Mr. Terrific) affection between a “White Girl” and a “Black Woman”. There’s a ton of subtext and blatant statement in this exchange and, while heavy-handed, I’m hoping they won’t shy away from the issues this highlights and that they’ll deal with these issues well.

The writing on this book seems pretty good so far down to the incidental characters in crowd scenes. They’ve brought in a classic golden age villain to fight them and a good one for two characters that are geniuses: Brainwave. I look forward to seeing how all this develops. They manage to get a lot of characters and environment established in just the first issue. So much that parts of Mr. Teriffic’s backstory and the opening fight seem more like filler than anything that really matters.

The art seems a little inconsistent to me throughout the issue, but hopefully this will settle to more consistency and higher quality. It certainly isn’t the worst art in the reboot and is serviceable, but it could be better.

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