Annoying writing

I’ll post more about the con soon, work has kept me fairly busy lately and I’m writing a SQL Server article, however I just read a story in a comic that annoyed me quite a bit.

DC has been putting out reprints as 100 Page Spectaculars, like their 100 Page Super Spectaculars of old. I’ve been enjoying most of them, but there’s what I think is a new story in the collection Shoot. It collects short stories from 97, 99, 2000 and 2010 from the titles Strange Adventures, Weird War Tales, Heartthrobs and Flinch. The story that bothers me is the last one in the collection: Resolve by Bruce Jones and what bothers me is a single line in the story.

The main female character is describing her dead father and states “He was Leprous!” Not the line that bothered me, though I don’t think the writer knows what the word means as it is completely disconnected from what comes before and after. She then states the line that pisses me off “He believed — like Houdini — man could communicate with the dead!” This is completely wrong. Were Houdini alive today he could sue for slander. It is the exact opposite of what Houdini believed. He spent his life calling those who claimed they could speak with the dead frauds, charlatains and conmen. He went so far as to set up a system with his wife to be used after his death to prove that anyone claiming they were speaking to him “from beyond the grave” was lying.

I may actually look into writing to DC about this, nothing will come of it, but it’ll let me vent my frustration a little more.

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