If I Ran DC Comics

I had tried to blog about every single #1 of the New 52, but I couldn’t do it. There were only so many ways to say “what an incredible disappointment”. I’ve heard the latest reboot is decent, but it seems to mostly be reverting back to a pre-52 world without making too many real improvements, especially in staffing.

All comic companies have problems, but I’m a DC girl at heart. This is going to be all about what I’d do if I ran DC. It’ll mostly be about the comics, but there might be a post or two about movies and TV. I’m hoping some of the people I’d want to hire as new voices will want to write posts about what they’d do as creators. I’m going to invite them to do guest posts.

The first thing I’d do if I ran DC Comics is replace all the higher editors, especially Didio. He’s been a complete disaster. I’d look for editors & creators who are POC, LGBTAIQ, & women. People who have disabilities. People with new, positive ideas and stories.

I’d bring the multiverse back and actually use it! Universes for every type of story that we want to tell. And we’d tell more stories. SF, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance. Comics are a format, not a genre. I’d consider bringing back imprints like Helix, Milestone, and Minx. But I’d also consult with POC to see if they’d want an imprint like Milestone again or if they’d just want the main universes to include these titles. There’d be plenty of POC in the regular universe regardless.

And I’d change a lot of the existing characters to be POC, to be LGBTAIQ, to have disabilities. There’s no reason for comics today to be bound by the era in which the characters were created. Comics are a living medium, let them live, change, evolve.

Barry should have stayed dead. Bring forth new characters, don’t undo some of the most powerful stories you’ve told because you have some weird need to bring back your old favorites, make new favorites!

I intend to post at least once a week, maybe more, about changes I’d want to make. Some posts will be about certain titles, some about imprints or universes, some about characters, etc… What it all comes down to is that I love DC Comics and I hate what it has become. The promise, the hope, the inspiration have all given way to events, grimdark, the past, and desperation.

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