Friday at Comicon

Friday at Comcion was amusing for me. Emily is a librarian and was there professionally. My friends Yuko and Ananth are webcomic artists and were there professionally. As a result, they all got to go in during professional hours and I could not. I ended up sitting in the food court while Emily attended some panels. I’d made sure to bring a book, so I wasn’t bored. I also split my reading time with looking at the many people wearing costumes, some of which were very good. I think there were more costumes and more of them were good because half of Comicon was an anime convention.

Emily found Yuko and Ananth and we all met up in the food court and then went wandering in the dealer’s room. I was surprised how much of the dealer’s room was taken up by video games, many of which had nothing to do with comics. Yuko seems to know everyone either in webcomics or with Oni Press, so I got to meet a lot of creators including Brian Lee O’Malley of Scott Pilgrim. It was really nice getting to hang out with Yuko and Ananth that day as I haven’t gotten to see them in awhile. They said they’re loving NYC and I’m glad they’re enjoying it so much. We had dinner with them and some of their friends.

We found a decent Japanese restaurant after the White Castle it was next to was vetoed. We’d started out trying to go to a restaurant called Burgers and Cupcakes just because it sounded like fun, but they were closed for a private function. Instead I had the best Teriyaki I’ve ever had – Filet Mignon Teriyaki. We then went for some ice cream and as it was getting late, went our separate ways after.

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