Lois and Asian Lois

I’m not a big fan of the “Superman takes a walk” storyline. It feels like an attempt to follow the classic 1970s Green Lantern/Green Arrow series where those two heroes travel across America and the comic makes social commentary, but beyond that the writer doesn’t seem to have much to say. What bugs me about issue #704 is an art failure. Lois is in the town where she went to college and she runs into her old college sweetheart. They have a pleasant conversation and she goes to his house to meet his wife and have dinner.

So far, no problem. At the house, the husband Brian says “Huong will be here in a minute — she’s pulling the lasagna out of the oven.” In the next panel, in walks: Asian Lois. The artist has drawn other women in this issue who don’t look like Lois, but the wife seems to have the same hair (slightly different hairstyle), face, height and figure. It throws off the rest of the issue and the writing isn’t strong enough to pull it out.

The issue seems to be entirely Lois whinging about how she didn’t have the career she’d wanted and that she lives in Superman’s shadow, but that in the end it is all ok. The parts that aren’t actively annoying are sappy. It makes me look forward to the end of this arc.

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