Too Many Long Boxes

I collect comics and I’m not ashamed to say it. It is ridiculous that whenever comics are covered in the media (movie versions frequently excepted) they’re refered to as a “guilty pleasure” or somehow “embarassing”. Comics today run the gamut from kids to adults, serious to frivolous, horrible to excellent. How is this any different from books? I would like to suggest to reviewers out there that they stop using these terms and perpetuating the stigma they’re reacting to. When you realize something is good, just say it is good, don’t make excuses for it.

When I like a comic, I’ll say it here. When I dislike a comic, I’ll say that here too. I get at least a dozen comics a week and am normally willing to wait out a rough patch in storytelling or art knowing that artists and writers change eventually or they improve. Some of the first posts I’ll be making here though are about the three series I dropped from my pull recently.

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