Costume Change? Really?

I’ve seen this ad in a few Marvel comics this month. Apparently the reboot of Spiderman didn’t go as well as Marvel had hoped so they’re falling back to their standard method for getting people interested in the character: they’re changing his costume! This time they appear to have decided superhero costumes are best when laden with LEDs. I’m sure glowing will help him be stealthy at night or indoors.

“Alright, we’ve got the package, lets open it up and see if we’ve stolen what we think we’ve stolen.”
“Sure, we should be able to see it just fine what with all that ambient red light.”
“Ambient red light? We’re in an abandoned warehouse with a couple of flashlights!”
“Oh no! It is the lightning bug!”
“That’s Spiderman!”
“Spiders don’t glow, do they?”
“I guess if they’re radioactive…”
“He’s radioactive?”
“I dunno, he is glowing though.”
“I thought all the radioactive guys were green.”
“Nah, there’s a bunch of red Hulks now, I guess green is old radiation or something.”
“Well, he still has that disgusting web stuff, at least he was nice enough not to beat us up before coating us in this goo to keep us here for the cops.”
“Shining spidermen, what will they think of next?”

Maybe when they get sick of him in this costume it’ll turn out to be some strange LED creature that takes over some other sap and becomes a new Marvel villain. This one is just taking full body scans of naked Peter Parker and posting them on the web, not quite as scary as Venom, but creepy!

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