Power Girl

I didn’t want to start this blog off complaining and I will be complaining as I’ve just dropped 3 titles from my pull, so I thought I’d start by talking about one of my favorite comics from the last year. Power Girl had an amazing start. The first year of the series was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and they set a great, playful tone for the series. The stories were funny without being slapstick or making Power Girl into a joke. They managed a funny series that also re-established Power Girl as a complete character adn that’s not easy to do. Power Girl has one of the most convoluded, messy backstories and this series helped clear it out and refocus the character. Her backstory has gotten so bad, some of the character’s stories were about how confused she was about her own story.

Not only did they make a comic I was really looking forward to reading each month, they brought back ridiculous characters from the 70s like Vartox, clearly based on Sean Connery’s character from the movie Zardoz. They even managed to give some decent character decelopment to the secondary character Terra. This is the new Terra, they didn’t bring back the betrayer of the Titans, though this new Terra has the same powers.

The best thing about this new series though, has been the art. Amanda Conner has been spectacular. The looks on Power Girl’s face frequently tells you more than the dialog on the page. All of the art has been fantastic from the small details to the panoramic views. I was impressed enough that I looked on-line for other art by Conner and I really think this is the best stuff she’s done. Unfortunately, she only did the first 12 issues and the writing team left when she did.

They’ve been replaced by writer Judd Winick and artist Sami Basri. So far I’m not dissapointed. The writing isn’t quite as good as it had been, but it isn’t as bad as I’d feared. Winick hadn’t impressed me the last few times I’d seen his work. I thought he’d been working on too many projects at once and he just wasn’t able to write as well has his early stuff. He’d gotten uneven. Basri’s art is very good, but not as good as Conner’s. It could certainly have been worse, they could have gotten someone like Tan Eng Huat who’s work on Doom Patrol years ago could most charitably be described as lines on a page. Taking over fromĀ a great team of writer and artist is never easy, but they seem to be doing ok so far. I look forward to seeing how their tenure plays out.

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